Freshfields wins share of BCCI work

Liquidators from Deloitte & Touche have handed Freshfields a large chunk of BCCI litigation work which was formerly being done by Dibb Lupton Alsop.

Neither Freshfields nor Deloittes receiver Chris Morrison would comment on the reasons for the switch of lawyers.

A spokesman for Morris stressed that Dibbs was 'continuing to do quite a bit of work on the liquidation'.

The liquidator has been using Dibbs to sue Stoy Hayward for an alleged negligent audit of Polly Peck.

It is understood that it is this work which is being transferred to Freshfields partners Joe Rickard and Andrew Hart.

Freshfields has worked on several high-profile professional negligence cases, including for the KWELM insurance companies and for Bank Austria against Price Waterhouse.

Meanwhile, the liquidator has recently used Dibbs to open a new front in the Polly Peck liquidation by suing Citibank for breach of 'constructive trust' by allegedly failing to prevent Asil Nadir siphoning off funds from Polly Peck into Citibank accounts.