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Coronavirus Update: Working From Home (again)

A government campaign was launched in early August to actively encourage employees to return to the workplace in an attempt to boost the wider economy and revitalise city centres that had been left empty after months of lockdown. However, within two months, the pandemic appears to have taken a turn for the worse and the government announced yesterday that once again people should work from home wherever possible.

Ukraine relaunches privatisation

September 2020 – Yesterday, 22 September, the President of Ukraine signed the Law which amends the Law of Ukraine “On privatisation of state and communal property” (the “Law”), introduces parliamentary control over the privatisation of state property and “unfreezes” the preparatory procedures to privatise large-scale state-owned objects. The Law was adopted by the Ukrainian parliament on 8 September 2020 and will become effective after its official publication.

Cyprus introduces film production incentives

Producers and media companies are invited to utilise the Cyprus landscape and infrastructure and enjoy a variety of legal, corporate and tax incentives for filming in Cyprus under the new Cyprus Filming Scheme.

Legal guide to pre-enforcement steps under Jersey and Guernsey law

The temporary Covid-19 protections offered by the UK government to businesses to prevent them from being subject to winding up petitions or wrongful trading actions are currently due to expire at the end of September (although an extension is very possible).


A young boy imagines reading minds of his two friends with a homemade science project. They are dressed in casual clothing, glasses and bow ties. They are serious and sitting at a table with helmets on their heads in front of a beige background. To illustrate article about average IQ of lawyers

Study reveals lawyers’ IQs are more in line with mere mortals’

News that the relative intelligence of the legal profession could be in decline sparked a storm of debate on The study, carried out by the Centre for Market and Public Organisation (CMPO) at Bristol University, suggested that lawyers have moved closer to average intelligence over the past 12 years. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many readers found […]

First Birthday cake Candle

Happy birthday: CMS profits up 19 per cent in first financials since merger

One year after the first tripartite merger in the legal sector, CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang has reported a strong set of financial results with double-digit growth in turnover and profits. According to the firm, profits per point rose 19 per cent in the last financial year. All Nabarro and Olswang partners came onto CMS’ […]

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