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Position: 77
Firm: Freeth Cartwright

Turnover: £33.5m
Profit per equity partner: £233K
Earnings per partner: £177K
Equity spread: £147K-£335K
Net profit: £8.3m
Profit margin: 25 per cent
Revenue per fee-earner: £161K
Revenue per lawyer: £210K
Revenue per partner: £499K
Revenue per equity partner: £0.93m
Total number of fee-earners: 208
Total number of qualified partners: 159
Total number of partners: 67
Total number of equity partners: 36
Total number of female partners: 13
Total number of female equity partners: 3
Total number of staff: 465
Leverage ratio (equity partners/fee-earners): 1:3.4

2006-07: Construction 1, commercial 1, commercial property 1
2005-06: 0
2004-05: Corporate 1

2006-07: Property 2, private client 1, insolvency 1
2005-06: 0 2004-05: Tax 1, IP 1, property 1, property 1

Intake as percentage of partnership: 10.9
New female partners as percentage of intake: 14.3
Equity structure: 34 equity partners, 30 non-equity
Practice area(s) most heavily promoted: Commercial property
*Figures supplied relate to the calendar year

Opportunities for promotion to the partnership at Freeth Cartwright are limited, although a boost in the real estate group in 2006-07 has raised the potential for growth in that team, with two laterals and one promotion in commercial property and one promotion in construction. The Manchester office expansion early in 2007 provides potential for future opportunities, as does a referral tie-up with a Birmingham firm.