Free runner pays the price

Never one to shy away from a party, Eversheds threw not one but three shindigs to celebrate the launch of the firm’s much-heralded new London office. You know, the one with the sheep on the roof.

Tulkinghorn was there in spirit – and in the eyes and ears of his spies. The highlight of the evening, Tulkinghorn is told, was the group of free-runners wearing suits and mingling with the partygoers.

At different points in the evening they would start walking on their hands and sliding down the new Eversheds spiral staircase.

On the first night of the three-day party extravaganza, Eversheds chief executive David Gray decided to have a go at free-running himself. With predictable consequences.

Attempting to jump down the stairs, he pulled a calf muscle – promptly forcing himself out of the rest of the evening.

Tulkinghorn thinks that just as a free-runner would probably make a mess of running an international law firm, a managing partner is likely to be a crap urban acrobat. For once, the world makes sense.