Free help is good PR

I am happy to see that someone somewhere is taking the initiative regarding a pro bono unit.

I recently needed to find out where an unfortunate client could get some free help as I was unable to assist.

Where was I advised to go? To the Bar, which has such a unit available and a great free representation unit. It saddened me that the Law Society, which could dearly do with some good publicity, did not have any such service available.

Considering that law firms are better geared up to do this type of work than barristers, it is a shame that we have had no leadership on the issue.

I know solicitors like Tony Michaelson Yates have been vigorously campaigning for such a unit for a long time and has approached the Law Society on several occasions about it, as have others. So let us hope that the meeting will bear some fruit and put some pressure on the society to do something.

Name and address supplied.