Fox Williams sues client over unpaid fees

Fox Williams has launched a £194,000 claim against dialysis product manufacturers Renal Services Holdings for unpaid fees.

Renal Services instructed Fox Williams in June last year to advise it on a reverse takeover and subsequent listing on AIM. In September 2009 the takeover was discontinued and the ­company opted instead to list on the market in its own right.

According to a claim filed at the High Court in March, despite the firm agreeing to accept a fixed fee of £175,000 for completion of the work, and £100,000 if left ­uncompleted, Renal Services has failed to pay the fee.

A spokesperson for Renal Services said it would “robustly challenge” the claim, adding: “

“[We’ve] tried to negotiate with Fox Williams to take into account our ­dissatisfaction, which regretably hasn’t achieved a proportionate solution.”