Four more firms set to join Ecomlex group

German, Dutch, Italian and Irish law firms are the latest to join a European e-commerce association.

Ecomlex is being set up to advise international clients on new economy issues, such as cross-border internet start-ups and initial public offerings.

The Lawyer previously revealed that Field Fisher Waterhouse, Swedish practice Advokatfirman Fylgia, and Scottish member firm Harper Macleod are members of the association (6 March).

They are now joined by German firm Leinen Derichs, Dutch practice Ekelmans Den Hollander, Italian firm Studio Legale Natle Tulli Associati, and Irish firm Beauchamps Solicitors.

A spokesman for Beauchamps says: “It is a European alliance of e-business lawyers who will offer a one-stop-shop to e-business clients.

“It is an exclusive referral arrangement of e-commerce work. We are now looking at new members in other jurisdictions.”

A total of 15 firms are said to be forming the European network.

Beauchamps says: “We want to get the websites up and running before we formally announce it on 17 May, which is World Telecommunications Day.”

Field Fisher says that the association will put it in the top bracket of e-commerce advisers.

Beauchamps is setting up an e-business unit as part of its plans to expand this side of its firm.