Fountain Court boosts clerk count

Magic circle set Fountain Court is taking on three new clerks, including one from rival One Essex Court.

John Clements will join from One Essex Court, and two further junior clerks at the bottom end will bring the total count to 11. Clements has been at One Essex Court for 12 years and will leave the set with 11 clerks when he joins his new set at Easter.

He will take up a middle-tier position, managing the senior juniors. He will work alongside senior clerk Michael Couling, who is also responsible for the silks, together with fellow senior clerk Mark Watson and two other clerks.

Couling says: “We’ve sought to augment our very capable team of clerks with an infusion of maturity, experience and gravitas at a senior level. The appointment of John is a major coup for us.”

Senior clerk Robert Ralphs at One Essex Court says: “We advised John, who is an outstanding junior clerk, that it was a good move. His promotion prospects were more rapid at Fountain Court than here, with six people senior to him.”