Founding partner quits O'Sullivan

David Karabell moved to Carter Ledyard earlier this month after O'Sullivan merged with O'Melveney & Myers on 1 September.
Karabell was one of three lawyers who set up the firm in 1969, then named O'Sullivan Graev & Karabell.
Lawrence Graev, former managing partner and chairman at O'Sullivan Graev & Karabell, left in June last year to join King & Spalding as of counsel and to concentrate on his merchant bank GlenRock Group.
Only George O'Sullivan remains within the newly merged firm as of counsel.
Karabell said: “I and some of the partners saw the firm as our baby and some of the younger partners saw it as a money machine.”
On the O'Melveny merger, Karabell said: “We had an extremely intelligent group of partners who had taken over the management of the firm some time ago so I think it was the right business decision.”