Former Dewey partners team up to take on Barclays

A new month, a new chapter in Barclays’ mammoth battle against former Dewey & LeBoeuf partners.

Three partners represented by Candey and Signature Litigation have today agreed to join their cases against Barclays over loans they say they were misled into taking out.

If the order is given the rubber stamp by Mr Justice Popplewell, former partners Charles Lester Landgraf, Elias Farrah and Londell McMillan will face off against the bank next year in a joint action.

Barclays has been pursuing over 100 former partners for loans it granted before the firm went under, but the partners are fighting back. The defendants argue that the bank misled them about the health of the firm in order to induce them to take out individual loans and colluded with the now defunct firm. 

The case is just one in a long line of court room brawls over liabilities outstanding since the high-profile collapse of Dewey in 2012. Barclays tried to keep it out of court, with an application for summary judgment against former partner Landgraf in November.

But the bank was foiled in its attempt to avoid a trial when Popplewell J said the claim needed to be heard in full. Things are expected to kick off in the High Court next year.

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