Football's got CC in motion

Tulkinghorn expects that a few events and marketing people will be breathing a sigh of relief when the World Cup is finally over. Keeping staff and clients happy can be a logistical nightmare – which is why Tulkinghorn prefers to just pack everyone off to the pub.
Clifford Chance invited 150 clients in for the England v Argentina game. Working according to the golden rule that not everyone would turn up, they expected 80. However, they got the full 150, which left rather a lot of Clifford Chance partners thirsty during the match.
It was just as well that banking partner James Johnson arrived complete with a ghetto blaster and football compilation CD to raise everyone's spirits. With all the excitement, Johnson just wasn't able to resist adding to his music collection when he arrived at the station that morning – let's just hope he doesn't go out and buy the songsheet to World in Motion as well. If England win the World Cup his colleagues can expect an early morning rendition from Johnson rapping à la John Barnes. A frightening prospect.