Football refocus

Oligarchs are not people you want to annoy. Tulkinghorn watched with interest the signing of Andrey Shevchenko by Ukrainian firm Magister & Partners (see News, page 10). It seems Shevchenko worked, perhaps in his spare time, at energy company Rosneft, in which, it just so happens, Roman Abramovich has a substantial stake.

Shevchenko’s lacklustre form at Chelsea may have been displeasing to the powers that be at the club, but a transfer to the in-house legal department of a Russian energy company, followed by a stint in private practice is surely worse than being dropped to the reserves.

Shevchenko will advise clients on set pieces, dummy runs and on how to beat the offside trap. Sources believe he chose a change of career ahead of a move to Tottenham Hotspur FC.