Football League too poor to keep Lawrence Graham

The League ran up a legal bill of around £300,000 in its unsuccessful High Court case last month against Carlton and Granada, which it was pursuing for £178m after the collapse of ITV Digital. Carlton and Granada's costs could take the League's bill to £1m.
Hammonds, which drew up the League's contract with ITV Digital, was found in court to have failed to mention its owners, Carlton and Granada, as parent guarantors to the deal. The League is considering suing Hammonds for £130m because a £50m rights deal with Sky has mitigated the loss it made over ITV Digital.
Lawrence Graham acted for the League against Carlton and Granada but has not been retained for the case against Hammonds, despite its knowledge of the contractual issues. The League has instructed counsel to advise on whether a case against Hammonds will stand. In-houser Nick Craig will handle the rest of the legal work.
Craig told The Lawyer that losing Lawrence Graham was a financial decision. “Costs have to be a factor,” he said.