Fly guys

Want to know the latest in exclusive clubs? Well, it’s the Friday night flight from Heathrow to Aberdeen.

News reaches Tulkinghorn that a growing band of northbound City types have left London for good and are partaking of the liquid refreshment to be found 35,000 feet up on the way to Scotland.

Holding up the legal market end of the bar is Philip Rees, the IT outsourcing specialist who joined Pillsbury Doughballs a couple of years ago after escaping from Hammonds.

Rees, who returns to his Scottish farm on a daily basis, presumably to milk the cows and oversee the crop rotation, is looking forward to the “planned City Airport to Aberdeen service, which should shave a few minutes off his everyday epic.

Incredibly, Rees’s daily commute from Aberdeen to London is not the most outrageous journey that Tulkinghorn has found. Rees’s old mucker at McDermott Will & Emery Larry Cohen apparently keeps a gin palace in the South of France, from which, during the summer months, he occasionally makes City visits.

But even that is beaten by the king of commuters, Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy’s own IT guru Laurence Jacobs, who travels in to the City from Israel every week. What is it with these tech guys?