Floating charges

Deals are concluded in many places – exotic countries, buildings of architectural significance… But Tulkinghorn thinks that a couple of City associates may have scooped the prize for oddest location to finish a deal.

Both lawyers spend their evenings and weekends navigating the obstacles and eccentricities of the tidal Thames as coxes for rowing clubs. The cox is the essential element for a larger rowing boat, offering the exhausted crew encouragement to keep on pulling, as well as steering the best course down the river.

These two dedicated professionals, though, were steering more than boats recently, as they concluded a deal over mobile phones from the coxes’ seats.

Tulkinghorn just hopes they turned off the ‘cox box’ microphones first. After all, the last thing the client wants is the nitty-gritty of a finance deal blasted into the waiting ears of spectators on the banks. Save it for the rowers.