First Russian judges arrive for UK fact-finding missions

A group of top Russian judges has arrived in London for a two-week study tour of the UK judicial system.

Headed by the chair of the Supreme Court of Russia, the group of 11 judges are on a fact-finding mission in preparation for a reform of the Russian judicial system.

The tour is expected to be the first of a series of visits by the Russian Federation. Later delegations will focus on specific aspects of the judicial system in the UK.

The judges will meet with The Lord Chief Justice Lord Bingham and the Master of the Rolls Lord Woolf. They will visit the Royal Courts of Justice, the Central Criminal Court, Lambeth County Court and Horseferry Road Magistrates Court.

They will also attend meetings at the Lord Chancellor's Department and the Home Office.

The visit is sponsored by the Know How Fund, the UK scheme that provides bilateral technical assistance to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Barbara Baker, director of development consultancy firm Magpie Links, which is chaperoning the judges, said: “What the judges see on this visit could mould the changes being pushed through the Russian parliament at the moment.”