Firm rolls out the barrel

With the alternative investment market (AIM) opening for business this month, Theodore Goddard has produced a spoof prospectus.

Its intention is to demonstrate the workings of AIM, its rules and potential difficulties.

The spoof details the operations of a fictitious brewery called Spoofbrew plc, looking to raise money through an issue of shares to be traded on AIM.

The prospectus details Spoofbrew's production and distribution and its leading brands such as Rocket Fuel, Wimps Stuff and Blimey ECK.

Spoofbrew's chairman is Lord Wobbly and Brian Damage is chief executive.

John Clark, Theodore Goddard's head of corporate finance, says: “Having produced this spoof prospectus, we will not be starting from scratch when advising companies in connection with an AIM quotation. As a result we should be able to charge very competitively. Perhaps most important, it demonstrates that some City lawyers still retain their sense of humour.”