Firm makes apology after advert in Gazette

A WEST End firm has publicly apologised to a north London neighbour after it put out a call for former clients of the firm to get in touch with its own staff.

Harris, Rosenblatt & Kramer has acknowledged that the call for ex-Nicholas & Co clients to contact it may have created the unintended impression that adverse allegations were being made against the firm.

The apology appeared in the announcements column of last week's Law Society Gazette and referred to a notice inserted by HR&K in the 'Help Please' column of the magazine last November.

The original notice said the firm was representing clients “who would be interested to contact former clients of Messrs Nicholas & Co” and it asked them to get in touch with the firm.

The “correction” last week recognised the notice may have given the impression that adverse allegations were being made against Nicholas & Co. It adds: “There was no intention on our part of making or implying any such impression and we regret any inconvenience.”

HR&K refused to comment on the circumstances surrounding the correction.

But Nicholas & Co partner Kypros Nicholas said there was a possibility it may take legal action over the incident.