Finers Stephens Innocent – UK 100

Turnover: £16.1m

Profit per equity partner: £285,000

Equity spread: £205,000-£520,000

Net profit: £4.2m

Profit margin: 26 per cent

Salaried partner remuneration: N/A

Revenue per lawyer: £268,000

Revenue per partner: £555,000

Revenue per equity partner: £1,238,000

Cost per lawyer: £198,000

Profit per lawyer: £70,000

No of partners: 29

No of equity partners: 13

No of female partners: Five

No of female equity partners: None

Total no of fee-earners (including consultants, paralegals etc): 75

Total no of fee-earners (excluding consultants, paralegals etc): 60

Total no of staff: 171

Leverage ratio: 1:2.38

Equity partner to staff ratio: 1:7.38

Fee-earner to staff ratio: 1:1.28

Financial management: No overdraft. On FRS5, the firm says it has always had a prudent approach to WIP and so is accounting on the same basis as it has in the past.

Equity structure: Merit.

Billable hours targets: 1,250

Key clients: Dow Jones, Fairview New Homes, Littlewoods Investment Group, Toshiba.