Finers loses its innocence

In a world where Hitler was a woman, a World War II bomber is found on the moon and a monkey can land a plane, anything’s possible.

Even a City law firm offering the Daily Sport and Sunday Sport as reading material in its offices is conceivable.

Finers Stephens Innocent has embraced new client Sport Media Group after it advised the adult content mobile provider as it branched out into adult content newspapers in the shape of the aforementioned tabloids (see story).

Finers is so committed to its new client that it is proudly displaying the saucy red-tops in its foyer.

Corporate head Ashley Reeback advised Interactive World on its acquisition and confessed to being quite a fan of the paper.

But only for the football news on the back pages, you understand.

Come on Ashley, that story’s harder to swallow than an “Alien cheeseburger found in fridge”.