Finding their feet

Don't trust Reed Smith lawyers with a map. Tulkinghorn under-stands that the team of lawyers, in one of its last games of the season, took a trip down to East Sussex to play client Family Assurance. It is not clear at this time whether it was the firm's lack of client knowledge or the client's directions that were misleading, but basically the team got very lost. They ended up at what they believed to be the 'X' on the map where the pitch was supposed to be, but instead found themselves outside a local fire station, several miles from their desired destination.

Fortunately – and for some it was the fulfilment of a childhood dream – the friendly firemen gave them a lift to the ground on their fire engine. What a treat.

If Reed Smith has entered a team for The Lawyer's summer five-a-side tournament The Legal Fives, Tulkinghorn feels obliged to point out that although the venue is called Goals Wembley, is not actually in Wembley Stadium. Just head for Hanger Lane Tube Station. If Reed Smith does enter (and finds the ground, of course), Tulkinghorn certainly hopes the firm's team is drawn against The Lawyer's own team.

Because having finally found its opposition, Reed Smith were hammered 7-0.