FFW shuns World Cup and embraces communism

Field Fisher Waterhouse is trying to pretend the World Cup doesn’t exist.

IT partner and closet lefty Michael Chissick decided to celebrate Che Guevara’s birthday by holding his department’s party on the same night as one of the classic fixtures in World Cup history – Argentina vs Holland.

We’re not quite sure how Chissick’s decision to reveal his communist sympathies will impress his paymasters at New Labour, who he is advising on the decidedly un-freedom fighter friendly ID cards project.

However, despite his mixed up political philosophy, it seems that Chissick and his partners are more interesting than the World Cup. Well, of course!

If Tulkinghorn was offered the choice of chatting about IT law and watching the Group C crunch match that would decide England’s potential quarter-final opponents, well… Tulkinghorn would almost certainly plump for the chat about archiving systems.

Tulkinghorn could not spot one guest watching the match, so enthralled they were by the partners’ chat. The widescreen plasma TVs might as well have been showing repeats of Countdown for all the interest the guests and partners took.

FFW managing partner Moira Gilmour even hinted she would start salsa dancing on the tables, in a Cuban outfit. How could the World Cup compete with such entertainment?

Tulkinghorn notes the final score as FFW salsa dancing 1 World Cup 0.