Fathers and sons

One of the things which larger independents are battling is the ongoing popularity of the boutique model and the desire which many younger lawyers have to go and do their own thing. The latest group following their dreams is a trio of partners from French corporate powerhouse Darrois Villey Maillot Brochier – including Daniel Villey, son of the late co-founder Philippe.

In a remarkably frank interview with The Lawyer last week, Villey spoke of his gratitude towards Darrois Villey and his hope to be able to build a firm that, in time, will be as successful as the one his father and Jean-Michel Darrois have created.

But while the trio’s departure was evidently on amicable terms, it is interesting that Villey fils wanted to go his separate way, rather than stick with the firm his father built. Whether this means Darrois Villey has cracked the succession planning conundrum and created a lasting brand, or whether it means other partners will also leave, is yet to be seen.