Family business

Tulkinghorn is convinced that the law is an affliction affecting the mind, body and soul, and has uncovered evidence of this in the private client department at Charles Russell where, spookily enough, two first cousins sit just two desks apart and have chosen to specialise in the same area.
David Long, head of Charles Russell's private capital department, and Paul Harriman, head of the firm's private client division, used to meet up for family-friendly lunches back in the 1980s, when Harriman was at Gray's Inn firm Williams & James and Long's firm was still known as Charles Russell & Co.
“After a merry lunch, we discussed the possibility of a merger,” recalls Long, who then sent Harriman some character sketches of the Charles Russell partnership. Six months later, when Williams & James began to look for a firm to merge with, Harriman produced his cousin's letter, saying: “I know what the chaps at Charles Russell are like.” And lo! The merger was born.
But Long, whose niece is a solicitor at Travers Smith Braithwaite, does not subscribe to Tulkinghorn's theory that lawyering is a genetic disorder. “It's a happy coincidence and we like it,” he states firmly. “But I'd hesitate to say that it runs in the blood.”