The Law Society has taken a shock piece of decisive action with a vehement and determined stance with regards to its – wait for it – post. Earlier this month it tried to hold elections for seats on its ruling council, but failed to get the ballot papers to members on time. Chief executive Janet Paraskeva wrote a strongly-worded letter to members, blaming the delay on the pesky Electoral Reform Service (ERS) and its DX service.
“When it became apparent… that these delays were occuring,” she penned, “we agreed with the ERS to postpone the close of voting… [and] insisted that ERS send a postcard at their own cost to the entire electorate in each constituency to inform them of this change.”
Now the Law Society has had a taste of victory against the administrative staff at the ERS, perhaps it will pluck up the courage to pick up the phone to those firms that take a liberal approach to Law Society conflicts rules. On yer guard, A&O.