Facilities management takes centre stage

Last week I had the chance to peek into the multifarious world of facilities management, an often over-looked but increasingly vital segment of the legal market.

Property can be a deal maker or breaker when it comes to mergers – just ask Cobbetts. It can also tip the scales one way or another when it comes to a firm’s chances of staving off the administrators. Or, at a slightly more prosaic level, the people running FM can also have a hefty influence on the smooth and happy running of a firm. All of these issues and more were up for discussion last Thursday.

So thanks to Shepherd FM for hosting the roundtable, which featured senior FM leaders from the likes of DLA Piper, Bond Dickinson, Pinsent Masons, Olswang, Clyde & Co and DWF.

My favourite comments:

“Mergers cause huge chaos. IT is the first thing to get sorted. Last thing? Facilities.”

“Lateral hires are the same. HR people are the last to know – the cleaners know before them.”

“The worst thing is property lawyers who think they’re property strategists. They’re not.”

“Offer people good quality free coffee and you can get 10 other things away no problem.”

We’ll be doing a lot more on facilities management next year so keep it here. In fact there’s just a little bit more here, though be warned, you might find it slightly left of centre. Property maintenance company chief Will Davies of Aspect.co.uk has kindly offered his insightful comments as to why the “latest batch of young people lack any drive or desire to work”.

Apparently it’s all the fault of the iPhone and the fact that “young people are permanently encased in foetal fluid like a baby in their mother’s womb checking their iPhone or Smartphone device for pointless messages and updates.”

For more great insights, including a reminder that Apple founder Steve Jobs joked about selling his first computer for $666.66666, “a recurring number, but more importantly the number of the Beast”, click here.

Who knew there was so much to facilities management?