Face up to the facts

It is a pity Miss Bawdon in her letter (The Lawyer, 6 May) does not take the trouble to check her facts before rushing into print.

Miss Bawdon should not believe all she reads because journalists, whether freelance or otherwise, tend to look for salacious gossip and where it does not exist seem happy to invent it, if need be.

If Miss Bawdon took account of the seating in our council chamber she would appreciate that I could not have seen Miss Pembridge feeding her daughter because she sits in the row behind me and to which in any event I would not remotely object if done discreetly, as I am sure it was.

Miss Pembridge has achieved many a first in the council and I for one applaud her diligence and sense of duty in attending the council meeting so soon after her daughter's birth. I have often supported Miss Pembridge in her forthright and robust approach to matters in debate.

I am sorry my own apparently dreary contribution detracts from a more worthwhile spectacle with which I clearly cannot compete. I am sorry for any embarrassment caused to Miss Pembridge by the unnecessary correspondence.

RJ Wilson

Malcolm, Wilson & cobby.