Eye looks at The Lawyer

Tulkinghorn does love a good award ceremony. The lights, the glitter, the prizes. So he was chuffed to bits to read that The Lawyer won the highly acclaimed prize of Correction of the Year in Private Eye for the following, slightly tongue in cheek, gem.
“Last week The Lawyer incorrectly stated that Maurice Millen, who was leaving DAC to join Macfarlanes, was a senior lawyer. Millen was DAC's head of IT. We apologise to the two firms for the inconvenience this may have caused. We would also like to apologise to Millen for any embarrassment caused by calling him a lawyer.”
Tulkinghorn only has two reservations about the award. First, in his opinion, the runner-up in the same category deserved to win. Taken from Sport Focus, it read: “Sport Focus apologises for getting its wires crossed last week, and would like to make the following correction to 'Quote of the Week'. Saddam Hussein is not the England cricket captain… We meant to say Nasser Hussain.”
The second reservation is that Private Eye staffers have clearly been rifling through too many precious back copies of The Lawyer. The clarification actually appeared in an April 1999 edition. Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?
Still, Tulkinghorn is certainly not going to turn down the prestigious award because of the trifling matter of a mere 20 months or so.