Exclusive: Riverview Law enters into strategic alliance with DMH Stallard

Riverview Law has signed its first formal strategic alliance with DMH Stallard in a move that will see Riverview refer work to the south-east firm.

Karl Chapman
Karl Chapman

The deal is aimed at enabling the two firms to co-supply services through a shared sales pipeline.

Since it’s launch in May 2012 (20 February 2012), Riverview has focused on fixed-fee litigation and legal advisory outsourcing packages. The collaboration with DMH will add dispute resolution, M&A and property expertise to its portfolio.

Riverview chief executive Karl Chapman said: “It’s been a surprise to us that there is so much demand from large corporations. Customers we already provide outsourcing work to have approached us to supply dispute resolution, M&A and property work, which we currently have to refuse because we don’t have the expertise, but with DMH onboard we can say yes.”

Riverview has worked with external firms on an ad hoc basis in the past but Chapman said there had been no formal panel arrangements and the alliance with DMH is the first of its kind for both organisations.

Managing partner of DMH Stallard Tim Aspinall commented that the move would boost growth at both outfits.

The alliance follows a four month pilot with existing customers. The firms are in discussions about the launch of new fixed-fee products, which are expected to go live in coming months.

Riverview Law currently operates as the trading arm of holding company LawVest, which is owned by a number of shareholders including Chapman’s earlier HR outsourcing venture AdviserPlus, DLA Piper and a number of individuals including Chapman and DLA chief Nigel Knowles (20 July 2012).

Riverview is midway through applying for ABS status from the SRA. Chapman said: “The ABS licence would change the way we could be structured. We probably would not need Riverview Solicitors and would simply become Riverview Law”.

When asked about plans for the future Aspinall responded: “At the moment the focus is on making the alliance successful.” However commenting on the impending ABS licence, Chapman hinted at a potential merger, commenting: “At that point we have the capability to absorb a law firm”.