Ex-Rakisons IT and motor team come in from the cold

Three-partner niche practice Geisler Laws Manning has emerged from legal purdah for the first time since the partners broke away from Rakisons six months ago.

The London firm, with has three assistants, is calling itself an “IT and motor industry specialist” and has announced its involvement in a capital restructuring of its client Hughenden Motors. Booth & Co advised venture capital firm 3i, which redeemed Hughenden's shares.

Partners Alexander Geisler, Susan Laws and Paul Manning left Rakisons in May “by mutual agreement” according to Rakisons senior partner Tony Wollenberg.

It is believed the three partners were placed under some form of injunction preventing them from publicising their new venture, but neither Wollenberg nor Geisler would comment on it.

Wollenberg said: “I don't think it would be right to comment on the legal situation between us. I don't think it's a matter of public interest. I wish them well. They wanted to go and we were more than content that they should go.”

Geisler said he was unable to comment about his new firm.

Since the three left, Rakisons has recruited senior Clifford Chance property assistant Martin Gordon-Russell to its partnership and Wollenberg said a well known IP partner would be joining on 1 January next year.