Eversheds unveils five-year plan for European campaign

Eversheds is pumping funds into 15 “A-list” departments and curbing investment into the firm's other 20 legal disciplines.

The firm has drawn up a number of “priority” areas which will receive increased funding as Eversheds progresses with its plans to expand into Europe, specifically Italy and Germany (The Lawyer, 24 May).

However, the firm refuses to detail how much increased investment these areas will receive over the next five years.

Among the core practice areas are corporate, commercial, property, dispute resolution and employment. Specialist products in line for investment are intellectual property and information technology.

A spokesman at Eversheds says: “I would say, like any successful law firm, we need to refocus our strategic point of view and we have identified 15 areas by practice, sector and specialist product which will form the basis of a five-year strategy.”

But he says: “If you take an area like licensing, it does receive funding, as do all the others but not on the same scale as the priority groups.

“In a firm the size of Eversheds which has 35 legal disciplines, clearly not all those can be invested in equally but the others will receive all the support they require.”