Eversheds to defend £100K bullying claim

Margaret Henderson alleges that she was bullied out of her job as a credit control manager, and argues that her career was damaged by her time at Eversheds.
Henderson is suing the national firm at Newcastle County Court for personal injury, citing negligence and breach of statutory duty. She claims that her time at the firm induced stress-related illness.
Henderson joined Eversheds in 1994. A period of long-term sick leave began in August 1998. She remained away from work until she was sacked in February 1999.
Subsequent to her employment at Eversheds, Henderson has not worked in credit control, but had amassed a 40-year employment history working in this field before her time there.
In her claim against Eversheds, Henderson alleges that she was bullied and prevented from carrying out her work. She said that physical symptoms, including breathing difficulties, chest pains, weight loss and lethargy, came about as a result of her treatment at the firm.
Henderson has been receiving psychiatric treatment since 1998 and has been prescribed antidepressant medication. Her claim for £100,000 is for loss of earnings and general damages.
Anjed Malik, a partner at Newcastle firm Goldwaters, is acting for Henderson. He confirmed that proceedings against Eversheds have been issued and served but was unable to comment further on the case.
A statement issued by Eversheds read: “Due to the personal nature of the matter, we feel it is inappropriate to comment at this time.” The firm will be represented by Halliwell Landau.
This claim is the second case brought against the Newcastle office in less than a year. In February, North East head of employment Simon Loy was taken to an industrial tribunal by a former assistant. Richael Maclaverty resigned in 1999, and following her departure filed a number of complaints against Loy.
The case against Loy was due to be heard in April, but as yet no hearing has taken place, but has been delayed with no new date as yet set.