Eversheds says Sony attack underlines intentions of cyber criminals

Liz Fitzsimons, data privacy expert at Eversheds, has commented on reports of a cyber attack on Sony Pictures.

According to Fitzsimons, the reports of a further attack on Sony starkly illustrate how cyber criminals are seeking to damage corporate reputations and businesses, with financial consequences for all of us, whether though an impact on employment prospects, investment returns for pensions or levels of taxation raised by governments.

She said: ‘Currently, there is heated debate about how law enforcement and intelligence should investigate internet use and communications to catch criminals, due to the impact on law-abiding citizens and their privacy.

‘This cyber attack is a reminder that we may have to accept that our right to communicate and use the internet lawfully may carry with it the responsibility of accepting some potential interference where needed to detect and prevent such criminal activity. The alternative is we pay the price of having our privacy rights guaranteed by governmental bodies, with a consequential likely increase in abuses by criminals who have no respect for privacy or other legal rights.’