Eversheds ponders its global strategy

EVERSHEDS is looking to expand in Europe and the Far East, either by opening its own offices or by linking up with an existing international alliance.

Chairman Keith James said the firm would be appointing three senior partners “as soon as we can” to form a committee charged with the task of “implementing its international strategy”.

The firm's existing international committee, which comprises eight partners, has been considering development possibilities for the past three years.

But its international ambitions have been hamstrung by its profit-sharing structure – it has seven regional profit centres rather than a central pool.

As The Lawyer revealed in April, Eversheds now intends to create one central profit pool, and change its management structure, making investment in the development of an overseas strategy easier.

Keith James said that the firm was currently considering developing in the larger European Union countries, North America and the Far East, but that the partners had “not yet made up their minds”.

One source said the firm would look at either joining an existing international alliance or opening offices of its own, saying: “The trouble is, there are not that many alliances available to be joined.”

Eversheds currently has offices in Brussels and Jersey, and a further 12 throughout England and Wales.