Eversheds partner awarded silk in 129-strong round

Eversheds energy partner Marcus Trinick was the only solicitor advocate of the 10 who applied to be awarded silk. In 2009, four solicitor advocate applications were received, of which three were appointed.

Of the 46 women who applied, 20 have been made up. This compares with 16 last year.

Seventeen applicants who declared their ethnic origin to be other than white were made up – the equivalent of 49 per cent of the 35 who applied.

Professor Dame Joan Higgins, chair of the QC selection panel, said: “The selection panel believes that the quality of applications this year was higher than ever. 

“Nevertheless, inevitably, some applicants have had to be disappointed.  The standard for appointment is very high.  Even if an advocate hasn’t been appointed on this occasion it does not mean that he or she isn’t a valued and effective practitioner.”

In 2004 the Law Society and Bar Council overhauled how QCs were selected by putting in place an independent body made up of four non-lawyers, two solicitors, two barristers and a retired judge. This came after the process was criticised for being too lengthy, costly and shrouded in secrecy.

The list of new silks in full:

Name Year of call Chambers/firm
Kerim Fuad 1992 1 Inner Temple Lane
Piers Acland 1993 11 South Square
Peter Oldham 1990 11KBW
Daniel Ouderk 1992 11KBW
Timothy Pitt-Payne 1989 11KBW
Daniel Stilitz 1992 11KBW
Jonathan Swift 1989 11KBW
David Aaronberg 1981 15 New Bridge Street
John Burton 1979 15 New Bridge Street
Joseph Giret 1985 15 New Bridge Street
Jonathan Whitfield 1985 15 New Bridge Street
Jane Bewsey 1986 18 Red Lion Court
Alexander Milne 1981 18 Red Lion Court
Richard Matthews 1989 2 Bedford Row
Andrew Lloyd-Eley 1979 2 Hare Court
Brian O’Neill 1987 2 Hare Court
Jonathan Rees 1987 2 Hare Court
Neil Moody 1989 2 Temple Gardens
Michael Coburn 1990 20 Essex Street
Charles Kimmins 1994 20 Essex Street
Cairns Nelson 1987 23 Essex Street
Gerard Forlin 1984 2-3 Gray’s Inn Square
Bryan McGuire 1983 2-3 Gray’s Inn Square

John Cooper

Rudi Fortson



25 Bedford Row

25 Bedford Row

David Hooper 1971 25 Bedford Row
Paul Hynes 1987 25 Bedford Row
Thomas Price 1985 25 Bedford Row
Patrick Chamberlayne 1992 29 Bedford Row
Robert Peel 1990 29 Bedford Row
George Hugh-Jones 1983 3 Serjeants Inn
Cyril Kinsky 1988 3 Verulam Buildings
Jonathan Kirk 1995 36 Bedford Row
Amjad Malik 1987 36 Bedford Row
Steven Kovats 1989 39 Essex Street
Gordon Nardell 1995 39 Essex Street
Sean Wilken 1991 39 Essex Street
Jalil Asif 1988 4 New Square
Nicholas Bacon 1992 4 New Square
Benedict Patten 1986 4 New Square
Michael Davie 1993 4 Pump Court
Francis Feehan 1988 42 Bedford Row
Julian Christopher 1988 5 Paper Buildings
Anuja Dhir 1989 5 Paper Buildings
Ian Wade 1977 5 Paper Buildings
Mark Heywood 1985 5KBW
David Travers 1981 6 Pump Court
Steven Ford 1992 7 Bedford Row
Nigel Power 1992 7 Harrington Street
Sioban Healy 1993 7 Kings Bench Walk
Louise D’Arcy 1988 9 Bedford Row
Lee Karu 1985 9 Bedford Row
Simon Phillips 1985 9 Lincoln’s Inn Fields
Christopher Kennedy 1989 9 St John Street
Adam Vaitilingam 1987 Albion Chambers
Charles Benson 1990 Argent Chambers
Manus McMullan 1994 Atkin Chambers
Anne Whyte 1993 Atlantic Chambers
Andrew Green 1988 Blackstone Chambers
Harold Matovu 1988 Brick Court Chambers
Richard Slade 1987 Brick Court Chambers
Jemima Stratford 1993 Brick Court Chambers
Michelle Colborne 1993 Broadway House
Neil Hawes 1989 Charter Chambers
Andrew Rigney 1992 Crown Office Chambers
Jane Cross 1982 Deans Court
Robert Weir 1992 Devereux Chambers
Francis FitzGibbon 1986 Doughty Street Chambers
Isabella Forshall 1982 Doughty Street Chambers
David Hislop 1988 Doughty Street Chambers
Martin Westgate 1985 Doughty Street Chambers
Ian Wise 1992 Doughty Street Chambers
William McCormick 1985 Ely Place
Zia Kurban Bhaloo 1990 Enterprise Chambers
Claire Blanchard 1992 Essex Court
Paul Stanley 1993 Essex Court
Marcus Trinick N/A Eversheds
Ian Unsworth 1992 Exchange Chambers
Veronique Buehrlen 1991 Fountain Court
Jeffrey Chapman 1989 Fountain Court
Derrick Dale 1990 Fountain Court
Akhil Shah 1990 Fountain Court
Marcus Smith 1991 Fountain Court
Douglas Edwards 1992 Francis Taylor Buildings
Andrew Newcombe 1987 Francis Taylor Buildings
Judith Khan 1989 Garden Court
Stephen Knafler 1993 Garden Court
James Scobie 1984 Garden Court
William Flenley 1988 Hailsham Chambers
Julian Picton 1988 Hailsham Chambers
Piers Pressdee 1991 Harcourt Chambers
Paul Reed 1988 Hardwicke
Alan Dashwood 1969 Henderson Chambers
Rhodri Williams 1987 Henderson Chambers
Paul Tucker 1990 Kings Chambers
Katharine Holland 1989 Landmark Chambers
John Litton 1989 Landmark Chambers
Naomi Ellenbogen 1992 Littleton Chambers
Thomas Leech 1988 Maitland Chambers
Jonathan Russen 1986 Maitland Chambers
Alexander Bailin 1995 Matrix Chambers
Syed Husain 1993 Matrix Chambers
Helen Mountfield 1991 Matrix Chambers
Matthew Ryder 1992 Matrix Chambers
Nicholas Le Poidevin 1975 New Square Chambers
Robert Levy 1988 New Square Chambers
Mark Anderson 1983 No 5 Chambers
David Mason 1986 No 5 Chambers
Philippa Whipple 1994 One Crown Office Row
Angus McCullough 1990 One Crown Row
David Cavender 1993 One Essex Court
Andrew Short 1990 Outer Temple Chambers
Paul Greaney 1993 Park Court Chambers
Rupert Baldry 1987 Pump Court
Susan Evans 1989 Pump Court
Thomas Kark 1982 QEB Hollis Whiteman
Sean Larkin 1987 QEB Hollis Whiteman
Nigel Cooper 1987 Quadrant Chambers
Michael Edenborough 1992 Serle Court
Christopher Stoner 1991 Serle Court
Sally Harrison 1992 St John’s Buildings
Kevin John 1979 St Philips Chambers
Andrew Lockhart 1991 St Philips Chambers
Philip Rainey 1990 Tanfield Chambers
Timothy Moloney 1993 Tooks Chambers
David Southey 1996 Tooks Chambers
Paul Downes 1991 Two Temple Gardens
Joanne Wicks 1990 Wilberforce Chambers
John Elvidge 1988 York Chambers