Eversheds muscles in on DLA’s Abbey role

DLA Piper has lost its ­status as Abbey’s sole employment adviser after Eversheds joined the bank’s panel.

Eversheds has replaced DLA Piper as Abbey’s provider of high-volume routine employment work, while both now sit on the bank’s complex case panel.

One source close to the panel pitch told The Lawyer that the two firms will have to undergo a beauty parade each time to decide which firm gets the complex work.

“The routine work is worth about £600,000 for Eversheds, while the ­complex work comes about maybe three or four times a year,” said the insider.

Eversheds’ appointment comes after Abbey used an e-auction to decide the panel in seven other practice areas, including ;property, ­corporate and litigation (The Lawyer, 4 February).

DLA Piper and Eversheds confirmed that they were on the employment panel. Abbey was not available for ­comment.