Eversheds, McGrigors in courting action

There’s still no sign of the much rumoured merger between Eversheds and McGrigors, but those pesky gossip-mongers refuse to go away.

Top of the steamies (ask a Scot) north of the border is still the belief that the two heavyweight UK firms are looking for a tie-up, although, as The Lawyer reported earlier this year (23 April), the probability is that any talks are, at best, on hold.

But what’s this? On midday Friday (10 August) a press release from McGrigors popped into The Lawyer‘s inbox, trumpeting the £70m acquisition by Oregan Financial of Trenton Resources. And who was on the other side? Eversheds. And how do we know? Because it was that rarest of beasts, a joint press release.

The PR on the deal said the joint publicity was “a stipulation of the contract”, adding quite rightly that “at least it saves time”.

It also proves that the two firms are still friends after all this (non) talk. Bless.Get the latest news and an irreverent commentary delivered to your desktop every day by subscribing to Lawyer News Daily.

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