Eversheds holds promotions steady with 22 made up, half in UK

Eversheds has made up 22 lawyers to its partnership, the same number as made the grade last year.

Bryan Hughes
Bryan Hughes

Half this year’s batch are based in the UK, continuing the pattern from last year when 12 of the new partners were UK based (12 April 2011). In 2010 the firm made up 19 new partners, eight of whom were based in the UK (19 April 2010).

The remaining half of this year’s new partners are based across the firm’s offices in China (1), Germany (2), South Africa (4), Sweden (1), Switzerland (1), Netherlands (1) and the United Arab Emirates (1), while 41 per cent are female.

From a practice area perspective company commercial has done best out of the 2012 round, with 11 new partners. Litigation and dispute management has received four new partners, human resources three and real estate two. South Africa-based chief financial officer and chief executive May-Elaine Thomson have also been made up.

The firm’s chief executive Bryan Hughes said in a statement: “These are exciting times for the legal industry as it adapts to the challenges which the global markets are presenting.

“Despite the many changes, we’ve always been clear about the need to invest in the future of our firm and in particular the talent that thrives here. These individuals are amongst our brightest talent in the world and join a growing partnership which acts as trusted advisors to an extensive global and blue chip client base. I’d like to congratulate them all on their outstanding achievement.”

The new partners are:  

Norman Hui, company commercial

Frederick Foitzik, company commercial
Daniel Scheerer, human resources

South Africa
Mahashini Govender, company commercial
Paul Labuschagne, business operations
Reshana Pillay, litigation and dispute management
May-Elaine Thomson, business operations

Tord Svensson, real estate

Andrée Gal, company commercial

Matthijs Bolkenstein, company commercial

Aya Abuhassan, company commercial

Paul Maile, real estate
Alexandra Worden, human resources
Mark Satterly, company commercial
Iwan Walters, company commercial
Ben Wood, human resources
Julia Woodward-Carlton, company commercial
James Walsh, company commercial
Andy Moody, litigation and dispute management
Paula Gaddum, litigation and dispute management
Alasdair Outhwaite, company commercial
Rebecca Nicholas, litigation and dispute management