Eversheds gets advice from Tory ex-minister

FORMER Tory minister Jonathan Evans is to use the contacts and experience he gained during his time at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to help develop Eversheds' national insurance practice.

Evans, whose other government posts included a spell as parliamentary secretary at the Lord Chancellor's Department, has been appointed to the new London-based post of director of insurance.

Before entering parliament in 1992, the specialist in family law had been practice manager at Cardiff firm Leo Abse & Cohen.

But he told The Lawyer that he had wanted a job in the city after losing his seat at the last general election.

He added that while at the DTI he had been responsible for insurance matters and had overseen the reconstruction of the Lloyd's insurance market.

“I was keen to return to that field,” Evans said. He added that his job had been approved by the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments, whose job it is to ensure that former ministers do not take up inappropriate jobs after they have left government.

He said approval had not been a problem, especially as he had left his DTI job more than two years ago.

Evans added: “There is nothing untoward or improper about people using the experience they have gained while in government in the commercial sector.”

He described his new post as a full-time consultative one. He said he would be helping Eversheds, whose London office took over the niche insurance practice Waltons & Mores in March 1996, develop a truly national insurance practice.