Eversheds comments on ‘disappointing news’ regarding Richard III judicial review decision

Eversheds partner and specialist in judicial review proceedings Alison Oldfield has commented on judges rejecting an attempt by distant relatives of Richard III to force a public consultation over where he should be buried. Oldfield described the case as ‘fascinating’ and ‘founded on unique circumstances’.

She said: ‘In reality, the legal battle was not actually about where Richard III should be buried. It was about whether public officials had exercised their duties properly in issuing the licence to exhume Richard III’s remains.

‘The crux of the legal issue was whether their failure to hold a public consultation or to consult Richard III’s living relatives about those arrangements rendered the decision-making process unlawful. That was a high threshold for the Plantagenet Alliance to reach.

‘In the end, they did not succeed and the court decided that the process had been adequate. Whatever the legal intricacies, it is disappointing news for Yorkshire that Richard III will not be returning home to his final resting place.’