1 Review the relevant category criteria and entry information required on the category pages, as well as the notes from the editor (category specific) and rules for entry.

2 Click here to set-up your Awards account; you’ll be sent a unique link to log back into the portal and update your submission(s) throughout the process

3 Prepare your entry content and secure all relevant permissions

4 Add your entry content and any supporting materials to the portal

5 Submit and pay through the portal once finalised



Responding to feedback from entrants, we’ve revamped the entry process for 2021 to make it clearer and easier for you to showcase your work effectively.

We’ve done away with our entry form attachments and now all entries entries are submitted online through our entry portal; all information should be entered directly into the portal and should adhere to the word limits outlined for each section.

Each category requires slightly different information, so be sure to check the specific page for your chosen category before submitting.

You can log-in and -out of the entry portal as many times as you like once you have started your submission, including to view the online entry form itself, so if necessary you can prepare content “offline” and share with clients and other third parties in order to secure the relevant permissions.

You may also upload to the portal graphics, charts and other files to illustrate your entry and aid the judges in their evaluations.


The Awards are open to law firms, in-house legal teams, legal operations professionals, chambers, barristers, alternative legal service providers and technology vendors who operate in the UK.

Each category is aimed at one or some of the above groups so please make sure you check the criteria for your chosen category before submitting.

The eligibility period runs from April 2020 to the present day; if the work being entered began before or (in some cases) will continue beyond these dates, it can still be submitted providing the entrant can demonstrate substantial work and tangible results during this time.

All entrants must ensure they have the correct permissions from any parties referenced in the submission prior to completing.


The Lawyer may wish to publish case studies or other content based on your entry.

However, we fully appreciate that some of the information you include in your entry may be sensitive. We want to encourage you to submit as much detail as possible, therefore please mark as confidential any sensitive information that should be treated for judges’ eyes only.

For ease, we’ve also included a CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION box on the form itself which you can populate with sensitive details as needed.

Your entry will be seen by the members of our judging panel, who are all bound by our confidentiality agreement.


Each entry into the Awards costs £150 + VAT.

Payment should be made via credit card through the secure online portal when you complete your entry; if the total of your entries exceeds £600 you may request an invoice instead on the basket page of the online portal.

Should we be able to hold an in-person Awards ceremony later this year, we will ensure any entry fees paid are discounted off any ticket purchases.