Please use the below examples as guidance for the type of content we are after. The video should start with a short introduction (name, job title, company) followed by your 3 pieces of advice, and should not be longer than 4-5 minutes. You are welcome to use whatever recording devices you have at your disposal, such as your smartphone, tablet – it is the message that matters, not the quality of the video/image.

“My 3 pieces of advice” series

Think about your language and your behaviours. Being a great lawyer doesn’t necessarily translate into being a great leader. Have you identified what your superpower is?

James Sullivan, VP Legal, Monzo

“My 3 pieces of advice” series

“…everyone’s replaceable (even if we don’t want to admit it), but there’s only one of you, so look after yourself and ask for help when you need it”.

Terra Potter, Regional General Counsel EMEA & AP, Hexcel