Last year was a steep learning curve for the legal profession. This year, we will be building on those learnings as we focus on the post pandemic issues concerning the financial services sector. Our 2-day programme highlights the growth opportunities, potential pitfalls and best practice that has emerged from the year that stalked the shadows of the 2008 financial crisis.

Building on the virtual format of last year’s In-house Financial Services conference, this year we created a prospective programme to explore the pertinent themes dominating the desks of GCs this year. The virtual event delivered a wide range of webinars, interactive roundtables and a selection of themed networking sessions.

If you’d like to join us on this journey of connecting the community next year, register your interest for 2022.



Days of content


Expert speakers


Attendees over 2 days


Sessions to choose from


Minutes of virtual networking


Q&As with experts


Designed to meet the needs of in-house lawyers working across financial services, this event not only addresses the practical challenges of regulatory compliance but also discusses how the global economic and political climate is impacting the culture of your business.

Looking to lead the conversation on an area of the agenda? Get in touch with the sponsorship team to discuss a package that best suits your objectives.

DISCUSS the ways that legal teams can support their business to create sustainable operating models.


BENCHMARK against peers with responses to the latest regulatory updates and how legal teams should be preparing for future changes.


UNDERSTAND how businesses can navigate uncertainty in the financial services ecosystem and avoid burnout.

Discover partnership opportunities

Well done The Lawyer for designing and delivering the first virtual conference I have ever attended – good choice of themes and topics, good speakers and good to have the opportunity to hear what the market and participants are thinking and doing.

I don’t think I could ever have imagined a legal event so technologically forward thinking and so creative. At a time when we are all suffering from Zoom fatigue, the sheer diversity of content and format was a breath of fresh air and re-ignited an interest in and made me remember the purpose and importance of these in-house community events. Bring on the next one please!

I expected the virtual In-House Financial Services Conference to merely be a session of pre-recorded talks and I was therefore impressed to discover how interactive the conference actually was. It worked amazingly well. It was interesting to see how The Lawyer was able to not only schedule some informative talks, but also provide a networking facility for delegates using a ‘speed-dating’ type of format. Very well done! I look forward to next year’s conference, whether in person or virtual.


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