European network looks for expansion

FIVE lawyers from Brighton firm Donne Mileham & Haddock have been in Luxembourg discussing expansion plans for the Law Europe group.

Chair Quintin Barry led a delegation of five lawyers from the firm to the Law Europe convention over the weekend.

The Brighton firm provides the English link in the network of firms designed to offer clients pan-European representation at competitive rates.

The network, set up at the beginning of the decade, has deliberately brought firms from outside Europe's capital cities together.

Law Europe aims to make a virtue of its members' regional locations, claiming their lower overheads are reflected in the fees charged.

Barry said legal networks had been a fad when Law Europe was originally set up, but the group had proved durable.

He said one important issue for the convention was whether the network would continue to expand further.

At the moment the link has representatives in all the countries of the European Union except Greece and Portugal and has one associate member outside the union in Switzerland.

Law Europe is currently in discussion with firms from four or five more countries.

“We have to decide how large we want the group to become as the larger it gets the more you change the nature of the organisation,” Barry said.