Euro vision

The answer, albeit not amusing in any way, is The Lawyer European Awards, held last night in Barcelona in the wonderful Hotel Arts (see story).

Much more important than – and almost exactly like – the EU treaty, the event brought together dozens of nationalities in the first ever awards held by this magazine to celebrate the work of law firms based on the Continent.

It was fitting then that Sir Christopher Meyer, famed for his diplomatic work as an ambassador to the US, acted as compere for the evening.

Meyer (thankfully wearing his trademark red socks) proved he’s still got it by pronouncing every firm’s name perfectly – an achievement that deserved an award by itself.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Any suggestions for where to hold next year’s event will be welcomed. So far Dublin is looking pretty attractive. But maybe that’s because of Ireland’s generous representatives in the hotel bar.

Meanwhile – when is Outer Temple not Outer Temple? When it’s Old Square, an event that happened yesterday when we mistakenly referred to John Hendy QC as belonging to the former (see story). Oops. We apologise to Old Square for any confusion caused.


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