Euro disabled solicitors group established

Disabled UK lawyers are to set up a pan-European pressure group following foreign support for the Law Society's Group for Solicitors with Disabilities (GSD).

GSD member David Ruebain, a solicitor at David Levene & Co, said the new group would be called the European Group for Solicitors with Disabilities (EGSD). He added that it was conceived at the GSD's first national conference held earlier this year when several foreign solicitors with disabilities pushed the idea.

“There is a loose network of lawyers in Europe who collaborate on a variety of issues, mostly concerning disabled rights, and we felt it would be useful to formalise that,” he said. “It was also felt that it would be useful to have a European dimension to the GSD and to have a European support group for disabled solicitors.

“Part of the group's role would be to link in with proposals coming from the European Commission to promote disabled rights.”

The group is in its early stages and has yet to confirm exactly which issues it will focus on.

Katherine Everard, honorary secretary of the GSD, is acting as co-ordinator for the EGSD. She said the new group would be open to both disabled and able-bodied lawyers from all EU member states. She can be contacted on 01252 658492.