Essex Court Chambers – UK 100

Turnover: £29.9m

Heads of chambers: Gordon Pollock QC

Total tenants (silks): 67 (27)

Door tenants: 30 (including 14 arbitrators).

Chambers contributions: 13 per cent

Revenue per barrister: £446,000

Top cases last year: BCCI Liquidators v Bank of England; BP Plc v National Union; ‘Energy 77’ Graham Davies v Cox; RAF Fairford v Jones & Milling; WHA & Discount Reinsurance CC&E.

No of appearances in House of Lords: Two

No of appearances in Court of Appeal: 43

Barrister to staff ratio: 1:0.48

Average hourly rates: N/A

New clients: Gates and Partners.

Income derived from overseas work: N/A