Engineering base expands for Barnett in major deal

LONDON commercial firm Barnett Alexander Chart has succeeded in striking an important deal to expand its work in the engineering industry.

The company is to advise the Engineering Employers' Federation South, which represents hundreds of businesses based in the South of England.

Peter Moody, Barnetts' head of marketing, says: “We have been working at this for quite a while. We are really pleased and they are very pleased. It is a major commercial opportunity for us to expand our engineering client base.”

The agreement will involve the firm advising both the EEF South itself as well as its individual members.

The matters covered will involve questions of employment law arising from a number of circumstances, such as mergers, acquisitions and management buy-outs.

As well as employment law, Barnett will also offer its expertise on other issues, such as immigration, commercial litigation and debt collection services.

Moody says: “Wherever they identify a need for legal advice we will be there to help.”