Engineer to plot Bar course

Kamlesh Bahl is stepping down as chairwoman of the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) to concentrate more fully on her new role as deputy vice-president of the Law Society.

Bahl, who will leave the EOC on 30 November, polled over 12,000 votes – the most of all the six candidates for office – beating David Keating in July's presidential elections.

President Michael Mathews, vice-president Robert Sayer and Bahl have all promised to work closely together to reform the Law Society and have said that they want the council and committees to meet more frequently.

Three extra council meetings have already been arranged, including one on 24 September, to discuss the future of professional indemnity.

Bahl, who sits on the finance, policy and corporate affairs committees would not say exactly how many days a week she intends to spend working – unpaid – at the society or whether she intends to take up other posts. But she did say she would make further announcements.

She said the priority was to reform the society and travel around the country to talk to as many solicitors as possible.