Employment In The NHS

I like this book. It is packed with practical advice, untrammelled by too many references to cases or statutes. It is very much a market-focused work and seems more designed for human resources professionals in the NHS than for lawyers.

The book aims to provide a practical examination of the law relating to employment and personnel management in the health service.

In the first two pages there is a helpful analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the Whitley Council terms and conditions. There is also a useful section on special health service terms of employment which covers confidentiality and relations with the media.

I particularly liked the chapter on market testing. It succinctly explains the com- plexities of TUPE and the Acquired Rights Directive and it is packed with practical advice. That Rygaard came after the publishing deadline does not detract from its usefulness.

The section with special features on dismissals in the health service will be of particular value especially as regards handling discipline and the dismissal of doctors.

There are also chapters on changing terms and conditions of employment and union recognition. Both offer practical and tactical advice.

Unfortunately the cases of Webb v Emo (HL) and Seymour-Smith and Biggs v Somerset County Council are not covered, but that is not the fault of the authors – such is the rapid rate of change in the employment law field.

I only have one quibble with the work, that there is no case or statutory index. That said, specialists and non-specialists will find much in this book to help them in advising National Health Trusts and the like.